Premier Plating Works


We also do 100'S more plating finishes so if your sample colour is not here please send us your sample or send e-mail with picture of what you require. Please note most of these finishes we can change the shade to darker or lighter.

Premier Light Steel

Premier Aged Sunset Gold

Premier Aged Nickel

Premier Aged Golden Brass

Premier Aged Bronze

Premier Aged Blush Rose Gold

Premier Aged Brass

Premier Aged Chic Almond Gold

Premier Aged Copper

Premier Aged Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Blush Rose Gold

Premier Chic Almond Gold

Premier Gun Iron

Premier Iron Blazed Steel

Premier Iron Matt Steel

Premier Retro Brass

Premier Retro Copper

Premier Retro Nickel

Premier Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Rustic Brass

Premier Shiny Brass

Premier Shiny Copper

Premier Shiny Nickel

Lots more samples and finishes, please enquire or send us your sample.