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Copper Plating

Copper Plating

Rack and barrel plus lacquering.
Types: Dull Copper, Semi Bright, Polished, Satine, Gloss

Benefits: Conductive, Decorative, Base Coat, Used as a heavy deposit to reclaim worn items, Anti Galling

Applications: Die Casting, Electrical, Electronics, Water

Antique Copper

Antique copper is a popular option on items such as candlesticks, interior fittings and fashion accessories. Antiquing is applied with satine mop and can have a lacquer applied directly.


Much of our work involves re-coppering items such as saucepans and kitchenwear as well as pokers, taps and hand rails.

Copper Sealants

All copper is given a lacquer coating to provide a seal.


Copper can be offered in a range of colours and colour matching to exisitng components is available.


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