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Gold Plating

Gold Plating

Rack & barrel plating + gilt.
Types: Deep, Antique, Bright, Dull

Benefits: Conductivity, Corrosion Resistance, Decorative

Applications: Electronics, Jewelry, Engineering, Antiques, Bathrooms, Signage

A Variety Of Colours

A speciality of Premier Plating Works is the range of colours we can offer in gold, including:


Gold is applied at 23.75 carats.

Architectural Applications

Much of our work in gold is for the architectural sector including luxery apartment interiors and hotel interiors. In particular, much of our recent work in gold has included the 1 Park Lane development.

Gold Plating On aluminium

We can plate gold on aluminium in a full range of colours.

Black Nickel With Gold

Black nickel with gold is a popular option for decorative and antiquing purposes.


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