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Welcome to Premier Platings Works Ltd

Welcome to Premier Platings Works Ltd

Premier Platings Works Ltd, established in 1934 and based in North East London, provide electroplating and metal finishing services to the electronics, engineering, architectural and manufacturing sectors across the South of England.
Electroplating: Premier Plating pride themselves in the range of electroplating and metal finishing services offered. With over 70 years of experience the company continues to grow and bring on board new processes to satisfy market demands. All zinc plating is carried out using trivalent coatings and chrome finishes are non hexavalent. Some of the specialist services offered include electroless nickel plating, antique finishing, selective plating, precision masking and multiple finishes.

Electroplating On Stainless Steel: We are specialists in the electroplating of stainless steel and utilise an advanced pretreatment not offered anywhere else that facilitates effective plating of stainless steel with any surface coating. read more.

Quality: Registered to ISO 9001 quality standards, Premier Plating works hard to ensure that your work is perfect. The factory is equipped with a Rolls Royce power generator ensuring that no time is ever lost due to power strikes and operates a state of the art quality control facility incorporating x-ray fluorescence for surface coating and material analysis as well as salt spray testing. Premier Plating Works operate full lot traceability through out the plant and provide certificates of conformity where required.


Environment: Electroplating is a process that involves toxic chemicals including acids. As part of Premier Platings commitment to quality and care for the environment, the factory operates its own water treatment facility in compliance with local authority regulations and water authority consents to discharge. The plant capability includes sludge dewatering and water recycling.

Electroplating & Finishing: We offer all types electroplating & finishing services and pride ourselves in the fact that there is nothing we cant do. Below is a range of the services offered. A complete list can be found the capacity page.

Market: Premier Plating serve all market sectors. A selection of markets catered for include electronics, engineering, decorative architecture, automotive, communications, aerospace and general manufacturing. We also carry out work for small businesses and the general public.

Partnership: Premier Plating aims to provide a close working partnership with its clients that can be relied on. When you use Premier Plating Works you can think of us as an extension of your own business, always there, and willing to help.

Quotations: Feel free to call now on 07971 989 178 07866 688395 or 020 8520 5361 for a quote on any job no matter how large, small or complex. The managing director Reg Smith is a keen golfer and enjoys to discuss new business over lunch or a round of golf.


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