Premier Plating Works

Metal Finishes

We offer a full range of metal finishes ranging from industrial through to decorative.

As London’s premier metal electroplating company we have earned a reputation for the diversity and range of metal finishes we can provide.


A speciality of Premier Platings Works is the range of colours offered. We can supply any colour including matching existing samples as well as material fabrics. If you require a particular colour please call us to find out what we can offer.

Plating On Aluminium & Stainless Steel

An additional speciality of our is electroplating on aluminium and stainless steel. This service is ideal for decorative finishes.

Antique Finishes

Antiquing is a popular finish amongst the architectural sector as well as light manufacturing. We can offer antiquing to match existing samples as well as particular colours and textures as required.

Industrial Finishes

We offer a full range of traditional industrial finishes for business including zinc plating, tin plating, silver plating and nickel plating as well as a full repertoire of other treatments.

Corrosion Protection

We offer zinc plating to customer specification for corrosion protection as well as chemi-blacking. Salt spray testing can be carried out with sampling and testing for quality assurance if required.

Surface Hardness

We can offer hard-chroming for improved surface hardness and wear resistance, ideal for pistons, cylinders and actuators etc.

Reduced Friction

Hard chrome plating can also be used to reduce surface friction, again in applications such as cylinders, gears and bearings.

Electronic Properties

A large proportion of our work and services are geared towards the electronics and electrical markets where the electrical properties of the metal plating is important. Finishes include gold, silver, nickel, tin and copper.

Biotechnology & Medical

Similarly to electronic applications the biotechnology & medical sectors require finishes with specialist properties ranging from inert surfaces, corrosion resistance, and cleanliness.

Decorative Finishes

A key service offering in Premier Plating Works is the provision of decorative coatings. We have years of experience in plating interior fittings and fixtures including lighting structures to meet existing colour schemes, decorative coatings for fashion, household products and street sculptures.

Light Absorption

We can offer ebernole C on copper or brass for light absorption, a particular factor in the photographic sector.

Other Areas

The metal finishes we offer can also be applied to a wide range of other market sectors and applications. Whatever your requirements please feel free to give us a call to find out how we can help you.


Premier Retro Nickel

Premier Shiny Nickel

Premier Aged Blush Rose Gold

Premier Aged Chic Almond Gold

Premier Aged Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Blush Rose Gold

Premier Chic Almond Gold

Premier Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Aged Copper

Premier Retro Copper

Premier Shiny Copper

Premier Aged Bronze

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