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Nickel Plating

Rack and barrel nickel plating plus sealant (lacquer or oil).

Types: Soft, Dull, Bright, Semi-Bright

Benefits: Base of chrome plating, decorative, conductivity, solder onto soft nickel. Nickel on stainless steel (specialty service)

Applications: Automotive, Electronics, Pumps & Valves, Chemical

Plating Bases

Nickel plating is commonly used as a base for a variety of other electroplating finishes in order to increase brightness.

Cost Effective

Nickel is often chosen in preference to silver and chrome because of its low cost and bright finish.


Premier Retro Nickel

Premier Shiny Nickel

Premier Aged Blush Rose Gold

Premier Aged Chic Almond Gold

Premier Aged Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Blush Rose Gold

Premier Chic Almond Gold

Premier Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Aged Copper

Premier Retro Copper

Premier Shiny Copper

Premier Aged Bronze

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