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We did work on the poles for the Olympics Torch

We carried out work on the poles for the 2012 Olympics Cauldron. The project comprised 204 individually designed copper petals on steel stems. Premier Plating Works carried out the black zinc plating of the steel stems which were built in sections up to 4m and assembled into sections up to 7m in length.

Secrecy was vital to both the design and the manufacture for the Olympics management team. The purpose of both the petals and the stems was not disclosed before the show and was the most closely guarded secrets of the whole Opening Ceremonies.

The cauldron reveal came only with the moment of lighting: the perimeter petals were lit by five young torch bearers and the flame appeared to be relayed around each tier in turn, before the stems rose to the vertical, bringing the 204 petals and their individual flames together to form a single, united, Olympic flame.

The stems were zinc plated after which they were dyed black and finished in 'bad black' which gave the stems the appearance of being even thinner than it actually was and, depending on the background and lighting at the time, the colour helped create the impression of invisibility.


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