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Please e-mail us any quote required and ensure you have as much information as listed below to save slowing the processing of your quote

due to the amount of quotes received they can take from 24hours to up to 3 days, depending on the quote size.

if you do not hear back form us after this time, please contact us as sometimes e-mails can go into junk mail.

quotes can not be given over the phone

please see requirements for quote
  1. what material do you want plated?
  2. does the metal require polishing or satin/brushed (antique finishes)
  3. the metal will need to be mirror polished if you require polish brass/copper etc...
    the metal will need to be brushed if you require premier aged brass etc...
    it is normally cheaper to buy the metal pre-polished or pre-brushed stainless steel.
    if you cannot get this material we can quote for doing this in all types of metal. please see polishing section
  4. please supply full dimensions
  5. please send picture or drawing of part/parts
  6. do you want part/parts lacquered? finishes like brass/copper/silver will oxidise so have to be sealed unless you wish them to aged naturally
  7. do you want parts 1 pac lacquered or 2 pac lacquered?
    please see lacquer section to explain the difference


Premier Retro Nickel

Premier Shiny Nickel

Premier Aged Blush Rose Gold

Premier Aged Chic Almond Gold

Premier Aged Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Blush Rose Gold

Premier Chic Almond Gold

Premier Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Aged Copper

Premier Retro Copper

Premier Shiny Copper

Premier Aged Bronze

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