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Sealants - Waxing

Rack & barrel wax.

Types: Lacquer, Oil

Benefits: Protective, Prevents Tarnishing, Decorative

Applications: Manufacturing, All Applications


Waxing is ideal for bronze, brass and copper finishes although can be allplied on any metal or plated surface.


Waxing is ideal for antiquing a component and is used where items are required to grow old with their surroundings. Because wax doesnt have the staying power of oil or lacquer the coating will wear and soon have a good worn look to it ideal for ornate applications.


Wax is available in a wide range of colours including black and clear.


Premier Retro Nickel

Premier Shiny Nickel

Premier Aged Blush Rose Gold

Premier Aged Chic Almond Gold

Premier Aged Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Blush Rose Gold

Premier Chic Almond Gold

Premier Rich Archaic Gold

Premier Aged Copper

Premier Retro Copper

Premier Shiny Copper

Premier Aged Bronze

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